• Författare: Janzon, Helen
  • ISBN: 9789177833130
  • Antal sidor: 137
  • Utgivning: 2018-07-05
  • Format: 195 × 13 × 255 mm
  • Vikt: 650 g
  • Ladda ner omslag 4.24 MB

Göteborg in pictures

Helen Janzon has an eye for detail, as well as for some fantastic angles and views over her home town, city of Gothenburg. She’s been sharing her pictures via her Instagram account @goagoteborg for four years and now has over 25,000 followers. Many of her pictures offer classic motifs and landmarks from new and unexpected perspectives. Through Helen’s lens, we get to see Gothenburg and its familiar surroundings through different eyes. Her best pictures have now been brought together in this brilliant book.

This is an english edition of the book ”Goa Göteborg”.



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