Tukan publishing

At Tukan förlag you will find colourful and original books. We offer a broad, affordable and always up-to-date range, providing knowledge, inspiration and entertainment – for both children and adults. And thanks to our curiosity, swiftness and drive to find new ways to do things, we have challenged an entire industry and become an unusual player in the world of publishing.

Tukan förlag was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2008. Today we are one of the largest independent publishers in Sweden, and thanks to the fact that we don’t belong to any of the big groups, we can continue to go our own way. This makes us devoted to our work and personally committed to our customers. We work efficiently and flexibly and can rapidly publish books about popular topics and current trends.

Our books

At Tukan förlag we publish around 350 new books per year. We specialise in general non-fiction and illustrated books for children and adults. Our aim is always to inspire, educate and entertain through a broad and varying range of books.

A close partnership

At Tukan förlag we have extensive experience of the publishing industry. This has given us good knowledge and a sure instinct for the business. When combined with our competitive prices, this means that our books attract a wide audience. We also work hard to maintain close partnerships with our retailers and produce customized campaigns and exclusive titles to order.

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